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Global Beauty and Barber Institute is now offering Online Hybrid Education for all course disciplines. Click here for more information about online hybrid course options. We look forward to assisting you in your new career. 

Building a Path to Academic Success

While there is no single academic path we expect all students to follow, we want to help you make choices that will lead you to a successful beauty industry career. In this section, you will find information about selecting courses that best prepare you for the beauty industry area with high performance demands, such as Global Beauty and Barber Institute, as well as tips for deciding whether you should take time off before attending school. You may also want to review information about what we look for during the admissions process.

A well-rounded education

A good work schedule and supportive family or love one will assist in  preparing  you for the next level of education or for later employment—it should prepare you to take advantage of future learning opportunities of all kinds. You should gain particular skills and information, as well as a broad perspective on the world and its possibilities. By taking the most academically demanding courses you can find, you can improve both your chance of admission to a selective beauty school and your performance during the first years of your career.

In developing the advice in this section, we have relied on empirical evidence, specifically, the secondary school preparation of our own students who have succeeded at Global Beauty and Barber Institute. Because the content of courses may vary from school to school, we have tried to identify important knowledge, skills, or habits of thought, rather than naming specific courses. Of course, you will take your individual situation into account. Just as each student has different talents and interests that need to be developed, schools vary considerably in their particular strengths. You may encounter unique circumstances, such as resource limitations or the opportunity to learn from a great teacher.

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